Retreat Programme



The pilates and wellness retreat is a combination of physical exercise, meditation and relaxation. It involves:

Early morning meditation on the beach

Daily Pilates and meridian stretching activation:
A whole-body stretching programme combined with gentle physical exercise. An energising mixture of Pilates and Tai Chi practices which takes place in the open air, with balls, hoops, bands and other apparatus used to gently stretch and awaken the body. The programme can be adapted to all ages and needs. No previous experience in either practice is required.

Evening QiGong sessions:
A series of stretching and rhythmic movements combined with mindful breathing: inspired by QiGong, the synergy of movement and breath activates the energy channels of the body, nourishing and relaxing the organs and body systems.

Singing Bowls sessions:
Meditation and relaxation with the help of singing bowls vibrations: sonic, sensory vibration that help the body enter a state of deep serenity.

It is also possible to chart a personal training programme as well as a complete personalised wellness plan, involving holistic massage, reflexology and other sessions.


As with our yoga programmes, our groups are small, normally a maximum of 10 people, and because some people like to come on their own we do welcome solo travellers who wish to share. For more information about our instructors please click here.



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